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Cafe2go South Africa is proudly BORN BUILT OWNED AND FRANCHISED in South Beautiful Africa. We are established in Gauteng, Western Cape, KwaZulu-Natal, North West (and soon elsewhere as well!) where we service both local and national clients.

Cafe2go provides quality coffee and good food solutions at a fair price to suit each area where we are established. Due to this important point of difference, we have been able to position ourselves as an ideal Cafe Solution Provider using: custom built Mobile Coffee Trailers [for events as well as office parks], Corporate Cafe’s [for high-traffic indoor settings], converted Shipping Container Cafe’s [ideal for office parks and retail sites] and Cafe & Juice Bars [positioned inside Gyms and Big Box Retailers]. We are franchised.

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Cafe2go is trusted as a coffee solutions provider at corporate events, school sport days, expos, country markets, big functions, product launches, music festivals, fund raisers, weddings… you name it!

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Need a coffee & deli solution for your customers and staff? Cafe2go offers 4 different options: Corporate Coffee Deli’s, Coffee & Juice Bars, Coffee Trailers and Coffee Containers. Let’s discuss what will work for you.

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MOBILE COFFEE is the fastest growing niche within the phenomenally fast growing and profitable global coffee industry. COFFEE BARS are the fastest growing niche within the office and retail space.

Our Story

At Cafe2go we believe in freshness and quality. We love our daily caffeine fix and the vibrant energy that a coffee culture brings forth. From our boutique roaster, our coffee beans are roasted daily, thus we are able to deliver the finest and freshest coffee you deserve. A good cup of coffee can only be created by a process that is full of passion.

From sourcing the best beans to roasting each batch to perfection, we treat our beans with the respect they deserve. By following these principles, we are able to create quality in our beans that gives a smooth coffee taste that satisfies every time.

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